DB Schemas tab

The DB Schemas view displays all database meta-schema files associated with the project.

Figure: DB Schemas view

This figure is a screenshot showing the DB Schemas view and the 4db open in the central workspace.

A database meta-schema is added to the DB Schemas view when you:

  • Save a new database meta-schema file (4db or 4dbx) in the current project; the Meta-schema is available in the DB Schemas view when you work on projects in that workspace.
  • Set the GSTSCHEMANAMES environment variable; the available meta-schemas are available in the DB Schemas view for all projects.

You can find files more easily by using the Filter items text box at the bottom of the DB Schemas view.

Use the integrated Toolbar to:
Open a meta-schema
Open the meta-schema in Meta-schema Manager.
Update from database
See Update a meta-schema from database.
Sort column in database order
Change the sort order of the columns, from alphabetical order (the default) to the order in which the columns are defined in the database.