New, File, Directory, Wizard

A creatable is created with a New, File, Directory or Wizard element.

Table 1. Creatable element attributes
Attribute Options
index Index of the creatable in a category. New, File, Directory, Wizard
name Creatable name (internal id). Required. New, File, Directory, Wizard
action See action attribute. Required for New and Wizard creatables. New, File, Directory, Wizard
actionLabel Label of the creatable when used as an action. New, File, Directory, Wizard
icon Creatable icon found. See Image directory structure. New, File, Directory, Wizard
extension Extension of the file to be created by the creatable. New, Wizard, File

Copies file(s) before opening. If used, user is asked to choose file path and name when executing the creatable.

File, Directory
isTemplate Specifies if file(s) should be opened using the template listed in the source attribute. File, Directory
source Path of source directory or source file used as the model for new file. Required. File, Directory

Specifies the master file (The name of a file in the directory).

open List of files to open. This should specify files in the directory. Directory
nameLabel Label used in the File >> New dialog for the field where the user enters the name that will be given to the master file. Directory


  <Category attributes >
    <Category attributes >
      <New attributes />
      <File attributes />
      <Directory attributes />
      <Wizard attributes />

Example: Managed Form File Type

<Creatables version="1.0">
  <Category index="5" label="Design (MDA)" name="MDA" icon="document_4ba" >
    <Category index="40" label="Managed Code" name="ManagedCode">
      <Wizard index="10" 
                 label="Module Form from Database (4fdm)" 
                 description="Create an empty module in Form Designer" 
                 extension="4fdm" />