action attribute

The action attribute specifies the name of the action to activate when executing the creatable.

Action is required for New and Wizard creatables. If no action is provided for File and Directory creatables, GSOpenFileAction is used.

Note: Some file actions are unable to open some file types. If an action is used with an unsupported file type, the action will not be executed and the corresponding module error is displayed.
Table 1. action values
Name Module Content type Description
GSOpenWithShell Global any Open with external program.
GSOpenFile Global any Open file.
BAFileOpenAction Business Application Modeling application/genero-ba Open BA diagram.
BROpen Business Record application/genero-br Open Business Record.
CEOpen Code Editor any Open in Code Editor.
CEOpenReadOnly Code Editor any Open in Code Editor (read only).
CEOpenWithNoEdit Code Editor any Open in Code Editor (no edit).
DBOpen Meta-schema Manager application/genero-db Open Schema file.
DBImportSchemaFile Meta-schema Manager sch mime type based Import sch file.
DBReloadSchema Meta-schema Manager application/genero-db Update schema.
DBGenerateSCHFile Meta-schema Manager application/genero-db Generate sch file.
DBGenerateDBCreationFile Meta-schema Manager application/genero-db Generation database creation script.
DBGenerateDBUpdateFile Meta-schema Manager application/genero-db Generate database update script
FDOpen Form Designer application/genero-form Open form.
FDFileImport Form Designer per mime type based Import text form file (per).
PMOpenWorkspace Project Manager 4pw mime type based Open project.
RWLoad Report Writer 4rp mime type based Open report.
WPOpenUrl WP Open url.
WSOpen Web Services wsdl mime type based View 4gl source.
WSUpdate Web Services mime type based Update wsdl.