Local environment software requirements

Install the complete Genero stack on the local machine when a developer will work independently and compile files locally.

A local environment requires the following components:

If the project requires a database, the database (Informix®, Oracle®, etc.) and its accompanying database client (CSDK, Oracle client, etc.) can be installed on the local machine or configured for remote access:

  • The database server installed on a remote host
  • The database client installed on the local machine

Project and source files must be local, but can be shared using a version control system if a networked drive (or samba) is configured.

Each database environment has its own client character set configuration. You must configure the database client locale properly in order to send/receive data to the database server. The settings for database client locale and application locale must match. See Localization: Database Client Settings in the Genero Business Development Language User Guide.

See the installation documentation and release notes for additional information.