Auto completion (Ctrl-Space)

The auto complete feature helps complete a line of code or prompts for a valid keyword in the syntax.

Type the first letters of a word and then press Ctrl-Space to complete the word or select a word from a list of options.

Figure: The Code Completion dropdown

This figure shows the open HelloSource.4gl file in the Code Editor. The Code Completion dropdown men displays the valid keywords beginning with CA (CALL, CANCEL, CASE)
Note: If you are using an Input Method Editor (IME) for entering Asian languages, Ctrl-Space might not work for auto completion because the operating system already uses Ctrl-Space to switch input methods. In this case, you can add an alternative accelerator, for example, Shift-Ctrl-Space. Select Tools > Preferences > User Interface > Accelerators and add a new accelerator for Auto Complete (Code Editor). You may need to create a duplicate profile; see Accelerators (Shortcuts) configuration for further details.