Add a record field in a Business Record diagram

You have two options for adding a record field to a record in a Business Record diagram.

Add a non-database field

To add a non-database field, right-click on a record and select Add Field. This creates a new field, with the field name in edit mode. After you create the field, you can modify its properties to link it to a database column.
Tip: Before leaving the edit mode of the field, press the Tab key to create another non-database field in the record.

Grabbing from the schema

To add fields from the schema, select the columns from the DB Schema view. You can hold the CTRL or SHIFT key to select more than one column. After selecting the columns, drag-and-drop the columns onto a record in the Business Record diagram.

Navigating between fields with the TAB key

If you are in edit mode in a field, use the TAB key to move to the next field. If you are on the last field in the list, the TAB key will create a new, non-database field.

Navigating between fields in the Structure View

You can use the arrow keys to navigate up and down the fields in a record when in the Structure View.