The PROCESS custom editor

Custom property editors are defined by the customer. The PROCESS custom editor is a standalone executable property editor.

Property info definition

The property info definition in settings.agconf:
  • type="PROCESS"
  • editorInfo:
    • processEditor : path to the process editor executable relative to the template directory.


<DynamicProperty name="process" type="PROCESS" label="process" description="process"
 dynamicContent="masterTable" />


The program's first argument is the property value when the editor opens.

If the program outputs a window id to the standard output, Genero Studio will ensure the corresponding window remains on top of Genero Studio (similar to a modal dialog),. The syntax is a single line:
WindowId: <Window Identifier>
Once the property editing is done, the program should output the property value, on a single line as well:
Value: <property value>
Note: Non-printable characters must be escaped.