Item (Form / BusinessRecord / Database)

The Item element adds new dynamic properties to some existing node(s) in the Form or Business Record or Meta-schema, depending on nodeName.

The Item element has attributes.
Table 1. Item element attributes
Attribute Options
nodeName Corresponds to the node type name, such as "Relation".
srcProperty Name of the property used as the source fields list, if the item is a Relation. Defines the source field while creating the query in application generation. The value of this property is the name of the dynamic property which holds source field. This dynamic property must be associated with relation through the dynamicProperty attribute.
dstProperty Name of the property used as the destination fields list, if the item is a Relation. Similar to srcProperty it defines the destination field.
dynamicProperties List of dynamic properties that apply to the item node.


  <File extension="4rd">
      <DynamicProperty name="foreignFields" type="FIELDS" label="foreignFields"
        initialValue="" dynamicContent="srcFieldsContent"
        editorInfo="isDynamic:true" />
      <DynamicProperty name="primaryFields" type="FIELDS" label="primaryFields"
        initialValue="" dynamicContent="dstFieldsContent"
        editorInfo="isDynamic:true" />
         dynamicProperties="primaryFields;foreignFields" />