The BasicItem element defines a new item, with a new name. It does not modify the behavior of an existing item.

Table 1. BasicItem element attributes
Attribute Options
name The new basic item type name.

Label for item as it will appear in the BA diagram New >> context menu.


The icon used for the item in the Business Application diagram. The file must be present in the image directory of the BAM template directory. See Image directory structure.


An integer starting from 0, or unlimited to traverse the complete application. For example, in a BA diagram specify the number of relations to traverse while generating the model. Outgoing relations are traversed. The model always contains the incoming and outgoing relation for the current item, but if the depth limit is reached, the target item definition is not generated.


  <DynamicProperties> dynamic property list </DynamicProperties>
    <Item> </Item>
    <BasicItem </BasicItem>
    <Relation> </Relation>