Specify whether the SVG output should be compressed.


   compressOutput BOOLEAN) 
  1. compressOutput - When TRUE, the output is compressed. The default value is FALSE.

    To specify a BOOLEAN value, enter TRUE or FALSE without quotation marks.


Function to configure SVG compression.

This function is applicable when SVG output has been selected by a call to the function fgl_report_selectDevice. When set, the function causes SVG to be written in compressed form, causing files and streams to be shrunk to about a tenth of their original size. This can benefit the overall performance on slow networks.

The Genero Report Viewer automatically detects if files or streams are compressed and decompresses them on the fly as necessary.

For an example of Genero code using a reporting function, see Using report output functions. This example may not use the specific function discussed in this topic, however it provides details on where you would place this (and other) report output functions.