Properties for report metadata

Report Metadata properties can be set in the report design document (.4rp).


For compatibility reports, which have no .4rp document, API functions are provided. You can also use these functions to override the .4rp properties.

The metadata is inserted into the final document (such as SVG or PDF), if the format supports metadata.

All metadata properties are of type String. The following metadata properties are available:

Specifies the title of the object. In the case of SVG, the title property is used as a document caption in Genero Report Viewer.
Specifies the metadata for the author of the report.
Specifies the metadata for the creator of the report.
Specifies the metadata for the subject of the report.
Specifies the metadata for the keywords of the report.

These properties do not have default values.

You can find all these properties in the Metadata category of the Properties view.