Word Box and Word Wrap Box

The Word Box and Word Wrap Box are layout elements for the display of text. The Word Box is used for a single line of text, while the Word Wrap Box is used for text that might extend over multiple lines.


Some formatting is not compatible with a Word Box or Word Wrap Box. For example, you cannot change the font or color in the middle of the paragraph, and you cannot insert images or barcodes. If you need this functionality, consider using a Paragraph instead. For information about when to use elements, see Choose report elements.

Word Box

Word Box (WordBox type) is a layout container, found in the Drawables group in the Tool Box view.

Use this object for a specified chunk of text, which uses the current font.

These properties are specific to Word Box:

trimText, underline, strikethrough, fidelity, localizeText

Word Wrap Box

Word Wrap Box (WordWrapBox type) is a layout container, found in the Drawables group in the Tool Box view.

This object is like a Word Box with paragraphs of uniform text.

These properties are specific to Word Wrap Box:

trimText, indent, fidelity, localizeText


Select the object on the Report Design page to display its properties in the Properties view.

The Text property specifies the string to be displayed in the Word Box or Word Wrap Box.

You can set the textAligment property for a Word Box or Word Wrap Box to left, right, or center. The alignment does not influence page break positions even if the indent property is set to some value. For Word Wrap Boxes, the textAlignment property can also be set to justified.

The localizeText property enables the localization of text content in Word Boxes and Word Wrap Boxes.

Additional properties are inherited from Layout Node.

  • Don't set the Y-Size (height) property on a Word Wrap Box, because the element should typically grow in accordance with its content. If you set a fixed Y-Size, you prevent that automatic enlargement.
  • Use relative positioning for Word Boxes and Word Wrap boxes. Relative positioning means the text adapts to changes in font and page setting, as well as to translation.
  • A Word Wrap Box can span pages. When the available vertical space for a Word Wrap Box is not sufficient to display the entire text, the box propagates the exceeding content to additional boxes, with the same behavior as a propagating Mini Page.
  • Use the Suppress property in the Repetitions section to ensure that the value of a Word Box displays only once per page. For further details, see Hide repeated values.

Entering text and line breaks

The text value can be edited directly in the report design document. Double-click the object to place the input cursor in the box, and type your text. The Text property and the layout are updated on each keystroke.

Line breaks display in the Text property as a newline character, \n.

You can also enter an RTL expression in the Text property. To force a line break in an RTL expression, use (10).toChar(), for example: