Page Number

A Page Number element is a layout object for the display of page numbers.

For information about when to use elements, see Choose report elements.

Page Number (PageNoBox type) is a layout container, found in the Drawables group in the Tool Box view.

In order to provide for virtual pages (multiple logical pages on one physical page) a pageName property can identify the logical page.

Specific functions allow you to calculate an expression for the page number, such as Page N of M, using the property textExpression. If a value is provided for textExpression, the pageName, pageNoOffset, and pageNoFormat properties are ignored.

If values for either the textExpression property or the text property are not set, a default length is calculated. See Using page numbers.


Select the object on the Report Design page to display its properties in the Properties view.

These properties are specific to PageNoBox:

pageName, pageNoOffset, pageNoFormat, textAlignment, textExpression

Additional properties are inherited from Word Box.