The upc-e (Universal Product Code - E) bar code type represents an 8-digit decimal number assigned to a trade item. UPC-E is a compressed version of UPC-A.

By the method of zero suppression some upc a codes are available as upc e codes. Table 1 shows which upc-a numbers can be transformed to short versions.

Table 1. upc-a numbers that can be transformed to short versions
UPC-E Number Digits to insert Position of Insertion Resulting UPC-A Number
sNNNNN0c 00000 3 sNN00000NNNc
sNNNNN1c 10000 3 sNN10000NNNc
sNNNNN2c 20000 3 sNN20000NNNc
sNNNNN3c 00000 4 sNNN00000NNc
sNNNNN4c 00000 5 sNNNN00000Nc
sNNNNN5c 00005 6 sNNNNN00005c
sNNNNN6c 00006 6 sNNNNN00006c
sNNNNN7c 00007 6 sNNNNN00007c
sNNNNN8c 00008 6 sNNNNN00008c
sNNNNN9c 00009 6 sNNNNN00009c

The rightmost digit (checksum digit) can be omitted. When the system is supplied with such a 7 digit value then the 8th digit is automatically calculated by the system.

The nominal size is 0.897in x 1.020in (w x h). The bar code area has the measurements 0.663in x 0.965in. The left padding measures 0.117in.