Troubleshoot Android emulator issues

Here are troubleshooting tips for issues you may encounter when using an Android™ Emulator during the development of your Genero Mobile app.

If you are having emulator issues, we recommend you read Using the Emulator on the Android Developers site.

My Android Emulator crashes intermittently

You followed the instructions to display to an Android virtual device, and you are getting intermittent crashes of the Android emulator when starting up. What is the issue?

It has been discovered that if you have an external monitor attached, or if you are moving your emulator between monitors in a dual monitor environment, it would save the location, which it would then use to restore when starting up. The location would then be read as an unexpected value, and would cause a core dump. To solve when this is the issue:
  1. Navigate to the Android virtual device folder (.android/avd on a Mac, userdir\.android\avd on Windows).
  2. Navigate to your Virtual Device (for example, Nexus7.avd).
  3. Edit emulator-user.ini and set:
    • window.x = 0
    • window.y = 0

If this is not the problem, then you may wish to try a different Android emulator, such as Genymotion. Please check the system requirements before making the change!

To view the Android bug number for this issue:

My Android Emulator is too slow

Mobile emulators are virtual machines. As such, we highly recommend a desktop or laptop with CPU virtualization support and sufficient memory. If you do not have this, you will find the mobile emulators will run very slowly.

Important: The following system requirements are recommendations based on user experiences.

For Mac® users:

For Windows® users:

At this time, we have no statistics regarding system requirements for Linux® users.