Running the Demos

Genero Studio includes demo programs that illustrate some typical business applications.

To run a demo:

  1. Launch Genero Studio.
  2. From the Welcome Page, select the Tutorials & Samples tab and the demo that you want to run.
  3. Expand the application node, right-click the configuration node (shown by a green arrow), and select Execute.

Continue reading for a brief explanation of the OfficeStore and Reports demos.

Office Store demo

The Office Store demo displays orders and accounts from the included Office Store database.

Click on the link to open the OfficeStore demo. Navigate to Officestore Model > src and execute the Order_prg configuration.
Figure: Execute the Orders application

Screen shot showing where to click in the Tutorials & Samples tab to select the OfficeStore demo and run the Orders_prg configuration.
You can then interact with the Office Store database by using the Orders application.
Figure: Using the Orders application

Screen shot of Orders application.

For further information, see Run the OfficeStore demo.

Reports demo

The Reports demo provides a sample reporting application with various reports design documents. For example, you can view the report data in a list or a chart.

Open the Reports demo. Under the Reports > Applications > OrderReport application, execute the OrderReport configuration.
Figure: Execute the OrderReport application

Screen shot showing where to click in the Tutorials & Samples tab to select the Reports demo and run the OrderReport configuration.
From the application, you can select the report file and the type of output. To start, we recommend you use the default values of OrderReport and Genero Report Viewer. Click Preview to see the report.
Figure: The OrderReport report

Screen shot of the OrderReport report as viewed in the Genero Report Viewer.

For further information, see The Reports demo.