GBC relies on basic built-in widgets that define the user interface, such as application, application host, layout grids, and widgets for form objects.

Each widget is defined with the following:

  • A JavaScript (js) file managing the widget creation, behavior, and listeners. For examples of working with this file, see Widget JavaScript file.
  • A template HTML (.tpl.html) file containing the minimal HTML code structure of the widget. See Widget template file.
  • A sass (.scss) file defining the widget style. For more details on defining styles, see Widget scss file.

Examine the core source widget files that make up the default Web client in the gbc-project-dir/src directory to familiarize yourself with how the front-end is implemented. See Customization for details about how you can create your own customized widgets by extending the built-in widgets in your project's GBC front-end web client.