Project directory

Before you can customize your GBC Web client, you need to unzip the GBC runtime package to a directory. See Set up your GBC build environment.

A project directory (gbc-project-dir) serves as the GBC project root directory. Amongst its directories and files you will find the following:

Directory or file Description
gbc-project-dir/archive/ (folder) The archive directory is created when you first package a customization for deployment. Each package contained within is saved as a compressed file and is named (by default) to include a reference to the project directory, a build number comprised of a timestamp, and the customization name.
gbc-project-dir/customization/ (folder) The customization directory is the root directory to your customization projects. You can have as many customization projects as you wish within this directory. Each customization project has its own customization project directory (customization-project-dir). For details about the customization-project-dir, see Customization project.
gbc-project-dir/customization/sample (folder) At installation, the customization directory contains a single customization directory. The sample directory is provided as the sample customization.
gbc-project-dir/dist/customization/ (folder) The dist/customization directory is created when you first build any customization project. It contains the generated deliverables, organized by customization. A directory is created for each compiled customization project. The name of the directory is taken from the name of the customization project, resulting in dist/customization/customization-project-dir. See Deliverables.
gbc-project-dir/dist/customization/sample (folder) The generated deliverables for the sample customization. This directory is created the first time you build the sample customization.
gbc-project-dir/doc (folder) The doc directory contains the GBC API reference documentation you are reading. This is intended to help you with the advanced GBC customization of the front-end. You can launch it by opening the /doc/index.html file in your browser. See View the documentation.
gbc-project-dir/license (folder) This folder contains text documents with the end user license agreement.
gbc-project-dir/node_modules (folder) The contents of this folder are used by npm and gbc when building a customization project. IMPORTANT: Do not modify the contents of this folder.
gbc-project-dir/release (folder) This folder contains text documents with copyright information and the release notes.
gbc-project-dir/src (folder) The src directory contains all the core source files that make up the default GBC front-end, to include JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and locale files. Examine the source files to familiarize yourself with how the front-end is implemented. IMPORTANT: We recommend that you leave the core sources untouched.
gbc-project-dir/theme (folder) The theme directory contains the default global theme parts, such as the highcontrast theme. While you can create new theme parts at a global level, it is recommended that you create your theme parts at the local level. This will ease migration efforts for new releases of the GBC. See Add a theme part.
gbc-project-dir/custom.json (file) This file contains the default compilation and theme instructions. For more information, see Configure your compilation

There are other files located at the root of gbc-project-dir, however you will never be asked to modify these files.