Create a customization project

This procedure sets up the structure for a new customization project.


Before you begin, you should have gone through the steps that prepare your development environment for GBC customization. If you have not completed these steps, follow the instructions at Set up your GBC build environment.

You need to know the location of gbc-project-dir

Set up customization directory

Create a new directory in gbc-project-dir/customization. The name you give this new directory becomes the name of your customization. For example, if you create gbc-project-dir/customization/companyA, then the customization is named companyA.

This directory will be referred to as the customization-project-dir throughout this documentation.

Next, set up the customization directory structure. To understand the layout of a customization project, see Customization project. You do not need to create every folder mentioned; you only need to create those folders that will be needed to complete your customization.

NOTE: You can copy the contents of the sample customization into your new customization folder; however you must then search and remove all customization entries that you do not want included in your new customization.

Add customizations

With this structure set up, you can now add customizations where they need to be added.

Build your customization

When you are ready to build your customization, execute from a command prompt:

$ gbc build --customization customization/customization-project-dir

Alternatively, you can set your configuration files to compile your customization with a simple gbc build command. See Configure your compilation.