The Genero Browser Client (GBC) delivers your applications over the Web using the latest technologies for Web application development.

The GBC is a JavaScript client that works with widely-used frameworks like node.js and sass. Its UI is adapted from concepts of material design inspired by recommendations from Google's material design Web site. This design approach opens up the ability to customize the GBC features and styles according to your requirements.

The GBC allows you to deliver Web applications developed in the Genero Business Development Language (BDL). With the underlying source written in Genero BDL, the GBC is flexible enough to let you build a full range of Web applications, from simple to corporate applications.

GBC brings Genero applications to the Internet world with the ability to integrate with a Web site. It provides you with the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art Web technologies.

Delivering a Web application has the following advantages:

  • Web application deployment is easier and cheaper than desktop application deployment.
  • The end user simply needs a browser. No software needs to be installed on the client.

GBC supports Genero real-time Web applications based on the rules outlined in GBC principles. Typically, the GBC team involves a front-end web developer, application developer, and system administrator, whose roles are described in Key players. For an overview of how the GBC creates and manages elements, see How the GBC works.

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