Install SQLite and create a database - database configuration/design tasks

If you are tasked with installing and configuring the database, here is a list of steps to be taken:

  1. If the dbmsqt database driver is linked dynamically with the SQLite library, you must install the SQLite software on your computer. However, on most platforms, the driver has an embedded version of the SQLite library, and on platforms such as Linux® and Mac OS X™, the SQLite library is usually present.
    The minimum required version is SQLite 3.6.
  2. Create a new SQLite database.
    To create a new database with tables, start the sqlite3 command line tool and execute SQL statements:
    $ sqlite3 /var/data/stores.db
    sqlite> CREATE TABLE customer ( cust_id INT PRIMARY KEY, ... );
    $ .exit
    To create an empty database, you can also issue the following command:
    $ sqlite3 /var/data/stores.db ""
    or create an empty file with operating system command:
    $ touch /var/data/stores.db
    And empty file can also be created from a program by using a base.Channel object:
    DEFINE ch base.Channel
    LET ch = base.Channel.create()
    CALL ch.openFile("/var/data/stores.db","w")
    CALL ch.close