How to set up Java

This short procedure describes how to set up a Java environment to be used with Genero.

  1. Download the latest JDK from your preferred Java provider. On production sites, you only need a Java Runtime Environment (JRE).
  2. Install the package on your platform by following the vendor installation notes.
  3. Set the PATH environment variable to the directory containing the Java compiler (javac), and to the Java Virtual Machine (java).
  4. Configure your environment for Java Native Interface (JNI) support and to load the JVM shared library:
  5. Set the CLASSPATH or pass the --java-option=-Djava.class.path=<pathlist> option to fglrun with the directories of the Java packages you want to use. You must add $FGLDIR/lib/fgl.jar to the class path in order to compile Java code with language specific classes such as com.fourjs.fgl.lang.FglDecimal or com.fourjs.fgl.lang.FglRecord.
  6. Try your JDK by compiling a small Java sample and executing it.