Window style attributes: Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous presentation style attributes for window elements.

Style attributes listed in this page are specific to a given front-end type or to a mobile platform. See also other pages about window style attributes.

Table 1. Window style attributes: Miscellaneous

Defines possible orientations for mobile device.

Values can be:
  • "all" (default): Any orientation is allowed.
  • "landscape": Landscape orientation (the display is wider than it is tall).
  • "portrait": Portrait orientation (the display is taller than it is wide).
  • "landscape_reverse": Landscape orientation in the opposite direction from normal landscape.
  • "portrait_reverse": Portrait orientation in the opposite direction from normal portrait.
  • "landscape_all": Normal and reverse landscape orientations are allowed.
  • "portrait_all": Normal and reverse portrait orientation are allowed.
Note: This attribute is supported at the Window level only by GMA.
N/A N/A Yes (see note) No
N/A N/A Yes Yes

Defines if scrollbars are always to be displayed when the form is bigger than the screen, or only when the window is maximized.

Values can be "yes" (default) or "no".

Yes No No No

Defines if the stored settings "state=minimize" is ignored when loading settings.

To be used when minimized windows are not to be shown minimized when reopened.

Values can be "yes" or "no" (default).

Yes No No No

Defines a comma-separated list of action names that are bound to the Floating Action Button (FAB button), on a device following the material design guidelines. To be used in conjunction with the materialFABType attribute. The order of the actions define which action is triggered when the FAB button is tapped, and several matching actions are active.

The default list of actions is: "new,append,insert,update,edit"

No No Yes No

Controls the Floating Action Button (FAB button) on a device following the material design guidelines.

Possible values are:
  • "single" (default) - the FAB button is shown and maps to the first active action defined in the materialFABActionList attribute.
  • "none" - no FAB button must be displayed.
No No Yes No

Defines the position of the automatic menu for "popup" menus.

Values can be:
  • "cursor" (default) - the pop-up menu appears at the cursor position.
  • "field" - the pop-up menu appears below the current field.
  • "center" - the pop-up menu appears at the center of the screen.
  • "center2" - the pop-up menu appears at the center of the current window.
Yes No No No

Defines the rendering for program messages displayed with the MESSAGE instruction.

Values can be:
  • "statusbar" (default): displays the comment in the window status bar.
  • "popup" brings a pop-up window to the front; to be used with care, as it can annoy the end user.
  • "statustip" adds a small "down" arrow button that will show the pop-up once the user clicks on it; useful to display very long text.
  • "both" will display the comment text in a pop-up window and then in the status bar.
Yes No No No

Defines the type of status bar the window displays.

See Statusbar types for all possible values.

Default is "default".

Yes No No No

Defines if the WCI container is to display an automatic "Window" menu, with Cascade and Tile features, and list of child windows.

Values can be "yes" or "no" (default).

Yes No No No

Defines if the window shows a system menu.

Values can be "yes", "no" or "auto" (default).

When value is "auto", the system menu is enabled depending on the window type.

Yes N/A No No