Image style attributes

Image style presentation attributes apply to an IMAGE element.

Note: This topic lists presentation style attributes for a specific class of form element, common presentation style attributes can also be used for this type of element.
Table 1. Image style attributes

Defines the image alignment when the container is bigger than the image itself.

Possible values are a pair of horizontal ("left", "horizontalCenter", "right") and vertical alignments ("top", "verticalCenter", "bottom"). To combine alignment options, use a space as separator.

Value can also be "center", which is equivalent to "horizontalCenter verticalCenter".

The default value is "top left".

Important: With the GDC front-end, the alignment style attribute is not supported for IMAGE elements in TABLE containers.
Yes (see note) Yes Yes No
Important: This feature is deprecated, its use is discouraged although not prohibited.

When set to "browser", defines an image container as a browser. To use the image field as a browser, set a URL instead of an image name.

Important: Instead of IMAGE fields with the imageContainerType style attribute, use URL-based Web Components: URL Web Components are much easier to use and more powerful.
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