Edit style attributes

Edit presentation style attributes apply to an EDIT element.

Note: This topic lists presentation style attributes for a specific class of form element, common presentation style attributes can also be used for this type of element.
Table 1. Edit style attributes


Important: This feature is deprecated, its use is discouraged although not prohibited.
Important: Consider using the KEYBOARDHINT form attribute instead of the dataTypeHint style attribute.

Defines the type of the input, to let the front-end render a field behavior suitable for the particular data type.

Values can be:

  • "email" (for email addresses)
  • "url" (for URLs)
  • "tel" (for telephone numbers)
  • "search" (for search box fields)
No Yes No No

Defines if the edit field includes a spelling checker.

  • With GBC, the attribute is not applicable: Input fields use the web browser spellchecker.

  • With GMI, available values are "yes" or "no". If this attribute is not set, iOS will decide if spell checking is enabled, depending on the global auto-correction setting on the device.

No No (see note) No Yes (see note)