BDL 2.51 new features

Features added in 2.51 releases of the Genero Business Development Language.

Important: This page covers only those new features introduced with the Genero BDL version specified in the page title. Check prior new features pages if you migrate from an earlier version. Make sure to also read the upgrade guide corresponding to this Genero version.

Corresponding upgrade guide: BDL 2.51 upgrade guide.

Important: Most of the new features of BDL 2.51 have been added for Genero Mobile. The features designed for Genero Mobile may not be supported by desktop and web-browser front-ends in the coming releases.

Genero Mobile V 1.0 (FGL 2.51.06)

Table 1. Core language
Overview Reference
Remote debugging through network TCP socket See Debugging on a mobile device.
The channel methods openServerSocket() and readOctets() See base.Channel.openServerSocket, base.Channel.readOctets.
The sort() method of ARRAY variables. See DYNAMIC ARRAY.sort.
Datetime-related utility methods. See util.Datetime methods.
String-related utility methods. See util.Strings methods.
Write to stdout with om.XmlWriter.createFileWriter(NULL). See om.XmlWriter.createFileWriter.
Table 2. Core language (mobile apps)
Overview Reference
FGLPROFILE settings to define environment variables See Setting environment variables in FGLPROFILE (mobile).
The method base.Application.isMobile() See base.Application.isMobile.
FGL Java class to access Androidâ„¢ JVM context See Standard Java and Android library usage.
VCard utility functions. See VCard: VCF file format module.
Table 3. User interface
Overview Reference
URL-based Web Components See Using a URL-based web component.
The DATETIMEEDIT form item type See DATETIMEEDIT item type.
Dialog-level action attribute definitions with ON ACTION name ATTRIBUTES(). See Configuring actions.
New ON SELECTION CHANGE control block. See Multiple row selection.
Table 4. User interface (mobile apps)
Overview Reference
START DIALOG / TERMINATE DIALOG / fgl_eventLoop() See Understanding parallel dialogs.
Window TYPE attribute in OPEN WINDOW instruction. See Window TYPE attribute.
DISPLAY ARRAY attributes for list views handling: ACCESSORYTYPE, DETAILACTION, DOUBLECLICK. See Using tables on mobile devices.
The DISCLOSUREINDICATOR action attribute. See DISCLOSUREINDICATOR action attribute.
The ROWBOUND action attribute. See ROWBOUND action attribute.
The KEYBOARDHINT form field attribute. See KEYBOARDHINT attribute.
List filter with DISPLAY ARRAY dialog. See Reduce filter.
Method ui.Interface.getFrontEndName() can now return GMI or GMA See ui.Interface.getFrontEndName.
Front-end functions for Genero Mobile (GMA / GMI) See Genero Mobile common front calls, Genero Mobile Android front calls, Genero Mobile iOS front calls.
Navigation bar button colors and background colors for iOS device (iosTintColor , iosNavigationBarTintColor, iosToolBarTintColor, iosTabBarTintColor) - provided as Window class style attributes. See Window style attributes: GMI/iOS.
Table 5. SQL databases
Overview Reference
Simplified database driver specification See New database driver name specification.
Support for SQL Server 2014 See Database driver specification (driver).
Support for Oracle Database 12c See Database driver specification (driver).
Support for PostgreSQL 9.3 See Database driver specification (driver).
Better support for DATETIME types with SQLite See DATETIME types with SQLite.
STRING typed variables can be used in SQL statements. See STRING.
Upgrade notes for database drivers See Database drivers changes.

Genero Mobile V 1.1 (FGL 2.51.07)

Table 6. Core language (mobile apps)
Overview Reference
Implementing C-Extensions on iOS / GMI. See Implementing C-Extensions for GMI.
Using Java interface for Android / GMA. See Executing Java code with GMA.
Implementing customer front calls for GMA. See Implement front call modules for GMA.
Presentation styles are now supported by mobile front-ends. See Style attributes reference.
GMA bundles zxing for Android. See scanBarCode.
Table 7. Web Services (mobile apps)
Overview Reference
Complete support of Web Services on Android mobile devices.

(Web Services are partly supported on iOS mobile devices)

See Web services.
Table 8. User interface (mobile apps)
Overview Reference
Presentation styles are now supported by mobile front-ends. See Style attributes reference.
GMA bundles zxing for Android. See scanBarCode.