BDL 2.32 new features

Features added in 2.32 releases of the Genero Business Development Language.


This page covers only those new features introduced with the Genero BDL version specified in the page title. Check prior new features pages if you migrate from an earlier version. Make sure to also read the upgrade guide corresponding to this Genero version.

Corresponding upgrade guide: BDL 2.32 upgrade guide.

Table 1. Web Services
Overview Reference
The COM library enables to intercept high-level web services operation on server side. You can now define three BDL functions via methods of the web service class.
They will be executed at different steps of a web service request processing in order to modify the SOAP request, response or the generated WSDL document before or after the SOAP engine has processed it. This helps handle WS-* specifications not supported in the web service API.
  • Method registerWSDLHandler()
  • Method registerInputRequestHandler()
  • Method registerOutputRequestHandler()
All three kinds of BDL callback functions must conform to the following prototype:
FUNCTION CallbackHandler( doc xml.DomDocument )
  RETURNING xml.DomDocument
See The WebService class.