BDL 1.33 new features

Features added in 1.33 releases of the Genero Business Development Language.

Important: This page covers only those new features introduced with the Genero BDL version specified in the page title. Check prior new features pages if you migrate from an earlier version. Make sure to also read the upgrade guide corresponding to this Genero version.

Corresponding upgrade guide: BDL 1.33 upgrade guide.

Prior new features guide: BDL 1.32 new features.

Table 1. Core language
Overview Reference
New base.TypeInfo built-in class to serialize program variables. See The TypeInfo class.
The base.Channel class now supports a binary mode with the 'b' option, to control CR/LF translation when using DOS files. See Line terminators on Windows and UNIX.
Table 2. User interface
Overview Reference
Up to three accelerators can now be defined for an action in actions defaults files or in the ACTION DEFAULTS section of form files. See Defining keyboard accelerators for actions.
Table 3. SQL databases
Overview Reference
Generic ODBC database driver is now available (code is generic ODBC database driver is now available (code is odc). See Database driver specification (driver).
MySQL version 5.0.x is now supported. See Oracle MySQL / MariaDB.
PostgreSQL version 8.1.x is now supported. See PostgreSQL.
Microsoft™ SQL Server 2005 is now supported. See Microsoft SQL Server.

Pre-fetch rows by block with SQL Server to get better performance. Use the following FGLPROFILE entry to specify the maximum number of rows the driver can pre-fetch:

dbi.database.dbname.msv.prefetch.rows = count

See "Database vendor specific parameters" in Connections for more details.

See SQL Server (MS ODBC) specific FGLPROFILE parameters.
Upgrade notes for database drivers. See Database drivers changes.