Compiling GWS server applications

When compiling, remember to link in the WSHelper library.

It is recommended that the library file WSHelper.42m, included in the $FGLDIR/lib directory of the Genero Web Services package, is linked into every GWS Server application.

If your application uses the fglwsdl tool to generate information, link the .4gl generated file into the application.


Compiling the Example 1: Writing the entire server application program:

fglcomp example1.4gl
fgllink -o example1.42r example1.42m WSHelper.42m

Compiling the Example 2: Writing a server using third-party WSDL (the fglwsdl tool) program:

fglcomp example2main.4gl my_function.4gl example1Service.4gl
fgllink - o example2.42r example2main.42m my function.42m
   example1Service.42m WSHelper.42m