Step 4: Modify the I4GL web service function call

Rename I4GL function name names to Genero Web service function names.

The Genero Web service function name is defined in the generated .4gl file and must be used instead of the I4GL function name.

For example, in the I4GL zipcode demo, the Web service function name is cons_ws_zipcode, which must be renamed to zipcode_details as follows:
FUNCTION func_cons_ws_zipcode()
   DEFINE state_rec RECORD
            pin CHAR(10),
            city CHAR(100),
            state CHAR(100)
         END RECORD;
   # Genero web service status returning
   # whether web function call was successful or not
   DEFINE soapstatus INTEGER  

   # I4GL web service function name is 'cons_ws_zipcode'
   # CALL cons_ws_zipcode("97006")
   #   RETURNING, state_rec.state
   # Genero web service function name is 'zipcode_details'
   CALL zipcode_details("97006")
     RETURNING soapstatus,, state_rec.state
Note: In Genero Web Services there is an additional returned parameter, soapstatus. If it contains 0 the operation was a success, otherwise an error occurred.