Global Endpoint user-defined type definition

Bindings defined for the Web service can be changed at runtime.

The fglwsdl tool generates the globals (inc) file to use for a Web services client. Part of this globals file is a global endpoint user-defined type definition.

# Global Endpoint user-defined type definition
TYPE tGlobalEndpointType RECORD   # End point
        Address RECORD # Address
           Uri STRING                 # URI
        END RECORD,
        Binding RECORD # Binding
          Version STRING,             # HTTP Version (1.0 or 1.1)
          Cookie STRING,              # Cookie to be set
          ConnectionTimeout INTEGER,  # Connection timeout
          ReadWriteTimeout INTEGER,   # Read write timeout
          CompressRequest STRING      # HTTP request compression mode (gzip or deflate)

# Location of the SOAP endpoint.
# You can reassign this value at run-time.

DEFINE EchoDocStyle_EchoDocStylePortTypeEndpoint tGlobalEndpointType

The CompressRequest entry is of type string. It is NULL by default, meaning that no request is compressed. To compress a request, set this variable to gzip or deflate. The server must support compression, otherwise the request will be rejected.