Obtain the RESTful service information

Use the fglrestful tool to generate the client stub directly from a REST Web service URL or OpenAPI specification file.

To access a remote Web service, you must get the information from the service provider. If the server supports the OpenAPI specification, you can use the fglrestful tool provided by the Genero Web Services package to obtain the necessary information (like the SOAP WSDL).

The following example obtains the information for the GWS service MyService:
fglrestful -o clientStub http://localhost:8090/MyService?openapi.json
Note: The MyService GWS REST service must be running on the specified port in order to provide the service information.

This generates the stub file, clientStub.4gl. This module contains the definitions of the functions that can be used in your GWS client application to perform the requested Web service operation, and the code that manages the REST Web Service request.

This file must be compiled and linked into your GWS client application.