Example 1 : Create a namespace qualified document with processing instructions

To create the following XML document on disk:
<?Target1 This is my first PI ?>
<MyPre:RootNode xmlns:MyPre="http://www.tempuri.org" >
<MyPre:Element />
<?Target2 This is my last PI ?> 
Write the following code:

  DEFINE doc xml.DomDocument
  DEFINE pi xml.DomNode
  DEFINE node xml.DomNode
  DEFINE elt xml.DomNode

  # Create a document with an initial namespace qualified root node
  LET doc = xml.DomDocument.CreateDocumentNS("MyPre", "RootNode", "http://www.tempuri.org")
  # Create a Processing instruction
  LET pi = doc.createProcessingInstruction("Target1", "This is my first PI")
  # And add it at the begining of the document
  CALL doc.prependDocumentNode(pi)
  # Create another Processing instruction
  LET pi = doc.createProcessingInstruction("Target2", "This is my last PI")
  # And add it at the end of the document
  CALL doc.appendDocumentNode(pi)
  # Retrieve initial root node of the document
  LET elt = doc.getDocumentElement()
  # Create a new Element node
  LET node = doc.createElementNS("MyPre", "Element", "http://www.tempuri.org")
  # And add it as child of the RootNode 
  CALL elt.appendChild(node)
  # Then save the document on disk
  CALL doc.save("MyFile.xml")