WSDL generation options notes

If you are planning to work with WSDL generation, you are advised to review these notes.

  1. For the DECIMAL(5,2) data type, when wsdl_decimalsize is TRUE, the generated WSDL file contains the total size and the size of the fractional part of the decimal:
       <schema xmlns=""
          <simpleType name="echoDecimal5_2_a_dec5_2_out_FGLDecimal">
             <restriction base="decimal">
                <totalDigits value="5" />
                 <fractionDigits value="2" />
    <message name="echoDecimal5_2">
      <part name="dec5_2" type="f:echoDecimal5_2_a_dec5_2_in_FGLDecimal" />

    When wsdl_decimalsize is FALSE, the total size and the size of the fractional part are not mentioned:

    <message name="echoDecimal5_2">
      <part name="dec5_2" type="xsd:decimal" />
  2. If the WSDL file does not contain the size, the client application has no way of knowing the size. In this case, a default value for the size is generated. For example, the exported server type DECIMAL(5,2) becomes a DECIMAL(32) on the client side.
  3. It is better to keep the options wsdl_arraysize, wsdl_stringsize and wsdl_decimalsize set to TRUE so that the client program can do exact type mapping. The default for all three options is TRUE.
  4. When setting a facet constraint attribute on a simple data type, the generation of the WSDL will take this attribute into account even if an option has been set to perform the opposite.
  5. When setting one facet constraint attribute, all of the default constraint attributes won't be generated anymore unless you specify them as facet constraint attributes.