Windows Mail extension

Description of the Windows® Mail extension.

Important: This feature is deprecated, its use is discouraged although not prohibited.
Note: The front calls using Microsoft™ DDE/COM/Mail technologies are deprecated. To manipulate Microsoft Office documents, use freeware alternatives such as the Apache POI Java library. For an example, see Java Interface: Example 2.

Send mail using MAPI

MAPI is an acronym for Messaging Application Programming Interface. The MAPI extension creates a new mail in the default mailer software, which needs to be "MAPI" compatible, and requests user permission to send the mail. The mail sent using MAPI will be stored by the default mailer software in the same way as any other mail created by the user.

Send mail using an SMTP server

Another method of sending mail is to connect directly to a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server (SMTP is the de facto standard for email transmission across the Internet). The extension will connect to a given SMTP server and send the mail through this server. The mail is not kept on the client side.

Binary format of GDC and WinMAIN DLL

Important: Since GDC and WinMAIN DLL binary format must match, the 32-bit WinAPI can only be used with a 32-bit GDC.