DDEPoke sends data to the specified program and document using the DDE channel.


Important: This feature is deprecated, its use is discouraged although not prohibited.
CALL ui.Interface.frontCall("WINDDE","DDEPoke",
  [ program, container, cells, values, encoding ], [result] )
  • program is the name of the DDE application.
  • container is the document or sub-document that is to be used. A sub-document can, for example, be a sheet in Microsoft™ Excel.
  • cells represents the working items; see the program documentation to know the format of cells.
  • values represents the data to be sent; see the program documentation to know the format of values.
  • encoding is an optional parameter. It allows to force the encoding to use between ASCII and wide char/unicode. When not specified, WinDDE will try to retrieve the correct encoding itself. Possible values are: "UNICODE", "ASCII"
  • result is an integer variable receiving the status.
  • result is TRUE if the function succeeded, FALSE otherwise.
  • If the function fails, use DDEError to get the description of the error.


  • The DDE connection must be opened; see DDEConnect.
  • An error may occur if you try to set many (thousands of) cells in a single operation.