t_struct_value type

The t_struct_value type holds image selection data.


PUBLIC TYPE t_struct_value RECORD
    current INTEGER,


This user-defined type defines a record structure to hold image selection information, to be used in fglgallery web components.

Each picture is identified by its ordinal position in the image gallery.

  • The current member defines the current picture in the gallery.
  • The selected member is a dynamic array of integers, defining the selected images. This member is used, when multiple image selection is enabled with setMultipleSelection(). The current image can be different from a selected image. The current image may not be selected.

Image selection information is stored in the WEBCOMPONENT field value, as a JSON formatted string similar to: {"current":5,"selected":[4,5]}. The variable bound to the fglgallery WEBCOMPONENT form field must be defined as VARCHAR or STRING.

The t_struct_value structure is typically used to get the selected image ids, when the image selection action is fired by the fglgallery web component. The web component field value can be parsed with the util.JSON.parse() method, to fill a variable defined with the t_struct_value type.

The web component field value can also be used to control the image selection from the program code. To select specific images in the gallery, fill the t_struct_value variable with image ids, then stringify the structure to JSON with the util.JSON.stringify() method, and set the web component field value with this JSON string.


In this code example, rec.gallery_wc is the name of the fglgallery web component field:

DEFINE struct_value fglgallery.t_struct_value
   ON ACTION image_selection
      CALL util.JSON.parse( rec.gallery_wc, struct_value )
      DISPLAY struct_value.current,
   LET struct_value.current = 3
   LET struct_value.selected.clear()
   LET struct_value.selected[1] = 2
   LET struct_value.selected[2] = 7
   LET struct_value.selected[3] = 15
   LET rec.gallery_wc = util.JSON.stringify(struct_value)