Displays an interactive message box containing text and OK button.


   title STRING,
   text STRING,
   icon STRING )
  1. title defines message box title.
  2. text is the text displayed in the message box. Use '\n' to separate lines.
  3. icon is the name of the icon to be displayed.


The fgl_winmessage() function displays a message box to the end user.

Important: With front-ends implementing this function with a system dialog box API creating a modal window, the end user will have to close the modal window first, before continuing within the window of another program. Consider using a menu with "dialog" style instead so as not to block other programs.

Supported names for the icon parameter are: information, exclamation, question, stop. Note that on some front-ends such as iOS devices, the native message pop-up window does not display an image.

On front-ends using a system dialog box API, the OK buttons will be automatically localized based on the operating system language settings. On other front-ends, the option buttons will be decorated depending on action default settings.


IMPORT FGL fgldialog
  CALL fgl_winmessage( "Title", "This is a critical message.", "stop")