The DOUBLECLICK (tap) action

On mobile devices, the DOUBLECLICK attribute defines the action to fire when a row is tapped.

By default, no action is fired on mobile devices when the user taps on a row. To fire a dedicated action, add the DOUBLECLICK attribute to the DISPLAY ARRAY dialog and define an ON ACTION action handler.
        ATTRIBUTES( DOUBLECLICK=row_select )
   ON ACTION row_select
      CALL process_row(arr_curr())
Alternatively, you can add a DOUBLECLICK attribute to your TABLE definition in your form file.
Tip: We recommend you specify the DOUBLECLICK attribute with the DISPLAY ARRAY dialog, as it is strongly related to the DISPLAY ARRAY dialog.
  • On Androidâ„¢ devices, a long tap on a row only selects the row. The DOUBLECLICK action is not fired.
  • For iOS devices, consider using list view decoration options, as described in Row configuration on iOS devices.