iOS default action views decoration

Common default action views get a decoration implicitly, following iOS standards.

On iOS devices, the decoration for well known actions can be a symbol or text. When text is used, it is internationalized. For example, the "accept" action translates to "Done" when the mobile language is English, "Fertig" in German, and "OK" in French.

For the default action views of the common actions, the decoration will by default follow the iOS standards, even if an attribute is explicitly specified for the action. For example, if you implement an ON ACTION save action handler with ATTRIBUTES(TEXT="Write",IMAGE="disk"), the action view renders with the "Save" text on an iOS device configured for the English language.

To bypass the iOS standard decoration and render default action views with text and images defined by the corresponding action attributes, use the iosRenderSystemActions presentation style attribute with the value "no".

Table 1. Default rendering for common actions on iOS
Action name iOS default rendering Symbol
accept Internationalized text (English: Done) N/A
cancel Internationalized text (English: Cancel) N/A
refresh Typical circular symbol

insert Typical plus sign symbol

append Typical plus sign symbol

delete Typical trash symbol

find Typical magnifier symbol

search Typical magnifier symbol

edit Internationalized text (English: Edit) N/A
save Internationalized text (English: Save) N/A