Understanding list dialogs

List dialogs are dialogs controlling a list of records rendered in a list container such as TABLE, TREE or SCROLLGRID.

Genero provides the DISPLAY ARRAY and INPUT ARRAY list dialogs to control a list of records that are defined in a program array.

The DISPLAY ARRAY and INPUT ARRAY dialogs can use dynamic or static arrays. Static arrays are supported for backward compatibility. Consider using dynamic arrays in new implementations.

A DISPLAY ARRAY handles by default a read-only list. However, you can implement modification triggers, to let the end user append, modify and delete rows.

An INPUT ARRAY dialog allows immediate data modification: The rows are editable by default.

The topics in this chapter are common to all list dialogs.

The form must define a list container to display the records, it can be one of the following:

Note that the list dialog can control a plain grid with basic form fields. In this case, only one record will be displayed at a time, but list navigation is still available.