The base.SQLHandle built-in class

Handle SQL queries with a 3GL API.

Genero BDL provides a 3GL API to execute SQL queries and introspect result set column information with the base.SqlHandle built-in class.

The class implements typical SQL statement execution methods existing in well-known APIs, such as:
  • prepare("sql-text")
  • setParameter()
  • execute()
  • open(), openScrollCursor()
  • fetch(), fetchFirst(), fetchLast(), ...
The class also implements introspection methods for the result set columns:
  • getResultCount()
  • getResultType(index)
  • getResultName(index)
  • getResultValue(index)

This class is provided to allow generic code implementation for specific needs. Consider using traditional static and dynamic SQL instruction for regular code implementing your business rules; the 3GL code based on the SqlHandle class is not as readable as static or dynamic SQL.