Record initializers

Records can be initialized in their definition.

To initialize a record variable in its definition, use the equal sign followed by a record initializer.

A record initializer is specified with parentheses, where record member values must be specified as a key:value pair, separated by a comma:
           cust_id INT,
           cust_name VARCHAR(50)
       END RECORD = ( cust_id: 101, cust_name: "Mike TORN" )
Below is a complex record example, using a sub-record and a dynamic array:
            id INTEGER,
            name VARCHAR(100),
            birth DATE,
            address RECORD
                num VARCHAR(20),
                street VARCHAR(200),
                city_id INTEGER,
                state_id VARCHAR(5)
            END RECORD,
            book_ids DYNAMIC ARRAY OF INTEGER
       END RECORD = (
            id : 123,
            name : "Scott Spinley",
            birth : MDY(12,24,1998),
            address : (
                num : "2A",
                street : "Sunset Bld",
                city_id : 9834,
                state_id : "CA"
            book_ids : [ 234, 34, 458 ]

For more details, see Variable initializers.