Defining aliases for imported modules

Use aliases when package path or module names are too long.

When using packages a source directory tree can result in long package paths such as in the following example. Using the package path and module as prefix in the rest of the code, can overcrowd the source:

IMPORT FGL Financials.GeneralLedger.Models.Account
IMPORT FGL Financials.ProjectLedger.Models.Account
CALL Financials.GeneralLedger.Models.Account.validate()
CALL Financials.ProjectLedger.Models.Account.validate()
Module aliases can help in such case. Use the AS keyword at the end of the IMPORT FGL instruction:
IMPORT FGL Financials.GeneralLedger.Models.Account AS GLAccount
IMPORT FGL Financials.ProjectLedger.Models.Account AS PLAccount
CALL GLAccount.validate()
CALL PLAccount.validate()