FGLPROFILE fglrun.ignoreLogoffEvent controls program behavior in case of logoff events on Windows™ platforms.


fglrun.ignoreLogoffEvent = true


On Windows platforms, when the user disconnects, the system sends a CTRL_LOGOFF_EVENT event to all console applications. When the runtime system receives this event, it stops immediately.

On a Windows Terminal Server, if an Administrator user closes his session, a CTRL_LOGOFF_EVENT is sent to all console applications started by ANY user connected to the machine (even if these applications were not started by the administrator).

To prevent the runtime system from stopping on a logoff event, you can use the fglrun.ignoreLogoffEvent entry in the FGLPROFILE configuration file. If this entry is set to true, the CTRL_LOGOFF_EVENT event is ignored by the runtime system.

As a result, when the administrator user disconnects on a Windows Terminal Server, programs started by remote users would not stop.