Dialog action handler attributes

Action attributes can be specified at the dialog instruction level for implicit action views such as default action views, context menu action views and rowbound action views.

The action attributes specified at the dialog-level will overwrite the attributes defined in action defaults.

To define dialog-level action attributes for an action, add the ATTRIBUTES() clause to ON ACTION, with a comma-separated list of action default attributes:

   ATTRIBUTES (TEXT = "Print",
               COMMENT = "Print the current record",
               IMAGE = "printer",
               VALIDATE = NO)
It is possible to use localized strings in action attributes such as TEXT and COMMENT:
   ATTRIBUTES (TEXT = %"common.print.label",
               COMMENT = %"common.print.comment",
               ... )

Dialog-level action attributes are typically used when the dialog is not related to a specific form, for example with independent MENU dialogs.

If the current form defines explicit action views (buttons in layout, toolbar buttons, topmenu items) with the same name as the ON ACTION handler defining action attributes with the ATTRIBUTES() clause, the explicit action views will not get the action attributes defined by the ON ACTION.