GDC System Colors

System color names can be used to get a color from the current theme of the workstation windowing system where the GDC executes.

Important: While system color names have meaning for both the GDC and GBC front-end clients, the mapping of the system color name to its meaning in this topic is relevant for GDC applications only.
Table 1. System color names
System color name Meaning
appWorkSpace Background color of multiple document interface
background Desktop background
buttonFace Face color for three-dimensional display elements.
buttonText Text on push buttons.
grayText Grayed (disabled) text.
highLight Item(s) selected in a control.
highLightText Text of item(s) selected in a control
infoBackground Background color for tooltip controls.
infoText Text color for tooltip controls.
systemAlternateBackground Background color of the alternate row in listviews
window Window background.
windowText Text in windows.