BOOLEAN data type


Informix supports the BOOLEAN data type, which can store 't' or 'f' values.

Genero BDL implements the BOOLEAN data type in a different way: A BOOLEAN variable stores integer values 1 or 0 (for TRUE or FALSE). This type is designed to hold the result of a boolean expression.

Oracle® MySQL and MariaDB

MySQL supports the BOOLEAN data type and stores 1 or 0 integer values for TRUE and FALSE.


The MySQL and MariaDB database interfaces support the BOOLEAN data type and stores 1 or 0 values in the column.

The BOOLEAN type translation can be controlled with the following FGLPROFILE entry:
dbi.database.dsname.ifxemul.datatype.boolean = { true | false }
For more details see IBM Informix emulation parameters in FGLPROFILE.