SQL errors on PREPARE


With Informix, a PREPARE instruction returns an SQL error in case of problem:
   PREPARE stmt FROM "SELECT * FROM WHERE pk=1"  -- table is missing!
   DISPLAY "SQL ERROR:", sqlca.sqlcode

Microsoft™ SQL Server

The Genero database drivers for Microsoft SQL Server are based on ODBC drivers (SQL Native Client, MS ODBC SQL, FreeTDS or Easysoft drivers). These ODBC drivers use system stored procedures to prepare and execute SQL statements (you can check this with the SQL Server Profiler).

With SQL server, PREPARE or DECLARE instructions do not return an SQL error, because the statement preparation is deferred to the execution, improving overall performances.

When preparing an SQL statement with the BDL PREPARE or DECLARE instruction, no SQL error will be returned if the SQL statement is invalid. However, an SQL error will occur after the OPEN / FOREACH / EXECUTE instructions.


Make sure your BDL programs do not test the status or sqlca.sqlcode variable just after PREPARE instructions.

Change the program logic in order to handle the SQL errors when opening the cursors (OPEN) or when executing SQL statements (EXECUTE).