INTERVAL data type


Informix provides the INTERVAL data type to store a value that represents a span of time.

INTERVAL types are divided into two classes:
  • Intervals of year-month class such as INTERVAL YEAR(5) TO MONTH
  • Intervals of day-time class such as INTERVAL DAY(9) TO SECOND
INTERVAL columns can be defined with various time units, by specifying a start and end qualifier. For example, you can define an interval to store a number of hours and minutes with INTERVAL HOUR(n) TO MINUTE, where n defines the maximum number of digits for the hours unit.
The values of Informix INTERVAL can be represented with a character string literal, or as INTERVAL() literals:
'-9834 15:45:12.345'  -- an INTERVAL DAY(6) TO FRACTION(3)
'7623-11'   -- an INTERVAL YEAR(9) TO MONTH

Microsoft™ SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server does not provide a data type corresponding the Informix INTERVAL data type.


The INTERVAL data type and values are converted CHAR(50) column with IBM® DB2®.

INTERVAL values can be stored and retrieved from the database. However, since IBM DB2 does not support a native interval type, arithmetics cannot be performed on the database side in SQL statements.

The INTERVAL types translation can be controlled with the following FGLPROFILE entry:
dbi.database.dsname.ifxemul.datatype.interval = { true | false }
For more details see IBM Informix emulation parameters in FGLPROFILE.